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Private transfers to Keramoti

Keramoti (Kavala) is no ordinary town. It wouldn't be dubbed as the "Lady" of the north for nothing. Every year, thousands of tourists, travelers, and excursionists flock to the town as well as its nearby countryside to enjoy its great treats. The town is among the most tourist-friendly towns in Greece. It is used to having so many tourists and thus can handle a huge number of guests at anytime. Hotels and lodging areas are available throughout the town. These lodging houses range from cheap to the most luxurious accommodations.

The Kavala (Alexander the Great) Airport is your primary gateway to this amazing place. It has regular domestic and international flights to nearby countries. During touristy seasons, the number of flight arrivals goes to as much as 70 per day. Thousands of people arrive and depart from the airport during peak season.

Although Keramoti (Kavala) has an organized public transit system, the transportation hub in the airport can become overwhelmed by the number of passengers. It can be quite difficult looking for a ride from the airport to the hotel. In most cases, you will have to go on long queues before you can actually have a chance to ride the taxi. And this is truly a hassle. Whether you are running on a limited time or have the pleasure of time, you do not want to waste your time on public transport system.

Auto Union Transfer Services is here to solve your problem. We are a trusted car rental service provider in all of Greece. We operate car stations in major ports and airports thus we can respond quickly to our clients. Our fleet of cars range from economy class to the business class to luxury class. You can choose from each of the car classes depending on your preferences as well as budget.

For simple, hassle-free and quick booking, we have set up an online portal where you can make your reservations. Simply fill out the forms and we will have you vehicle ready for you. Once you have confirmed your reservation, your car will be made available to you as soon as you arrive. No need to endure long queues as your rental car will be there at the airport waiting for your arrival. Drive to the hotel or to tourist spots as soon as you arrive.

Keramoti (Kavala) is a patch of heaven on earth. It is an amazing place that can boast of its rich history, unspoiled natural beauty and lively culture. If you are planning to spend you Greek holiday in the town, don't hesitate. Kavala has lots of surprises in store and you will truly find your experience a once in a lifetime!

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