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Private transfers to Airport Thessaloniki

One of the major airports in Greece, Thessaloniki International Airport caters to over 3.5 million passengers every year. It is the second largest airport in the country and is capable of handling both domestic and international flights. The airport is located some 14 kilometers away from the city-center. With the sheer number of passengers using the airport, you can just imagine how long queues for transport service can be. Going on queues is certainly a waste of time – something you don’t want if you are on a business travel or running on a very short travel period. You would want to have a reliable airport transfer once you arrive in the airport.

For reliable airport transfer, Auto Union Transfer Services is at your service. The company has a proven track record in providing secured and on-time transport service. We run car stations all over the country, although many are concentrated in ports, airports, and other major thoroughfares. Aside from our nationwide operation, we have a full line of cars and vehicles that will suit your transportation needs.

If you need airport pickup at Thessaloniki International Airport, you can easily book your preferred car through our online portal. Here you can find our fleet of cars that range from economy to luxury cars. We also have large vehicles for those travelling in groups. You can check the availability of the cars on your planned travel dates. To ensure that you have a car service during your arrival, make sure that you book it well ahead of time.

Once you have made the necessary booking and reservation, you are assured that a car will be waiting for you once you board off the plane. From Thessaloniki International Airport, you can get to different places of the city. Built near the sea, the city has its own charm and special beauty. Unlike Athens which is heavily influenced by the past, Thessaloniki lives in the present. It is a lively city that blends the modernity with antiquity. There are a number of well-preserved landmarks of the ancient civilization.

But for the many tourists, the active and joyous ambiance in the city is what drives them to the place. Thessaloniki is the best stop for people who want to indulge in some find Greek dinner as well as for those who want to try the unending nightlife. There are great clubs and pubs in the city where you can hangout. In the morning, the city is filled with tourists and locals alike shopping and getting geared up. There are lots of shops and bazaars in the city – you will soon be surprised at how Greeks love a lavish life.

Thessaloniki International Airport is your gateway to the wonderful surprises this city has in store for you. Getting to Thessaloniki? Book your transfer now! At Auto Union Transfer Services, you are assured of the best car hire services ever.

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